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The Internet is a vast educational and entertainment tool. Yet, many countries are blocking access to certain sites, taking away your freedom to do what you want while online. This is where a VPN can allow you to gain the independence and freedom online that you deserve.

Why do you need a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that allows you to protect yourself while online. This is not meant to take the place of a firewall, but a firewall does not protect you. It only protects your computer from viruses and malware. The idea of not having a VPN is becoming a huge security risk that you are taking, when this could be taken care of so easily.

So why have a VPN?

1. Ensure that your Internet Service Provider cannot see what you are doing online

Though we have our private internet connection, it is not really that private. Your internet provider can see what you are doing at any time, and they can control sites that you are visiting. Though there are small percentages of cases in which a person has been wrongfully treated by their ISP’s, they are still out there. Most businesses utilize a VPN, as they do not want their ISP to know what they are doing. So why shouldn’t you use a VPN?

2. Protect your location and identity

A VPN hides your IP address, thus there will be no one who is able to know who you are or where you are logging in from. gives you the information that you need in order to ensure that your IP address is secure through the use of a VPN. Another perk of a VPN is that you can use an IP address from another country, should this be needed. Such as in countries that have strict internet access laws banning websites or the like. Even if you are using a VPN provided by your company, your company could be monitoring what you are doing. This is why many people have their own personal VPN as well.

3. Ensure your internet searches are safe

Big search engines like Google, AOL, Yahoo and Bing record any search you do and they can keep this information forever, as the searches are connected to your IP address. This does mean that all that you search is out there for anyone to see, and most people would prefer to remain anonymous. With a VPN you can ensure that this information is private and will not be used against you later.

4. Be protected with Wi-FI

Wi-Fi is a great invention and many people take advantage of this. However, you are even more vulnerable via Wi-Fi tan if you were to have your own ISP. Wi-Fi has no security at all, meaning anyone can see your emails, banking information or anything that you search for while using this connection. The number of crimes that take place via Wi-Fi is astronomical, as people can basically send all their personal information on this connection that anyone can capture and use for their own evil purposes. The same can be said for connections that you may use in certain locations, such as through a hotel. These are public networks that anyone with a little skill can hack into and get your information.

5. You want to bypass location restrictions

Many countries block websites, and there are many countries who are starting to block popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Skype. These countries can do this by ensuring that any local IP address does not gain access to sites they deem blocked. If you have a VPN, whether you are visiting the country or are a citizen there, you can get an IP address that is not local, thus allowing you to view sites without the local restrictions. This is especially great for those who travel frequently.

6. You want the most privacy that you can get

Many businesses have used VPN’s since they were first established as they know what can be caused by massive amounts of information being seen online. Everyone now uses their mobile devices to access the Internet, meaning everyone is at a much higher rate of having issues with hackers and other criminals. If you want to remain private while online, then a VPN is the only security measure that you can take that is going to provide the utmost privacy out there.

If you are ready to protect yourself with a VPN, then provides all the tools and resources to make the best decision for your personal VPN needs.